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Eye Bright

Gently but effectively minimizes fine lines, wrinkles, milia (white bumps), crow’s-feet, mild puffiness, lack of skin tone, and dark circles. A mild cleansing , gentle exfoliation, eye masque, hyaloronic serum, collagen boosting pads & customized eye cream will leave your eyes refreshed. 
add on $35
Firming Cucumber Eye Treatment

This treatment is intended for tired, stressed, puffy eyes. A soothing tea reserve will cleanse the area followed by a soothing exfoliation. Easing into a  mini pressure point to reduce fluid retention and bags.  Followed with organic cucumber eye gel topped with cool compresses to sooth, calm and moisturizes the delicate eye area while diminishing the swelling and alleviating puffiness, and fine lines around the eyes. The finishing touch is the application of corrective and replenishing cucumber eye cream. (add on to facial only) $25
Collagen Eye Masque

This collagen eye masque is for an intensive spa treatment to fight against fine lines and to hydrate the skin. Completely free of preservatives and perfumes Aqua collagen provides deep hydration, plumping, and tightening of the skin around the eye. Suitable for all skin types, formulated with marine collagen (plant based) to refresh and renew. (add on only) $12

Lash & Brow Tinting
 Lash Tint

lash tint
A great solution to enhance the beauty of your eyes, especially if you have light colored or fine lashes. Tinting your eyelashes will give you dark, longer-looking eyelashes without the hassle of applying mascara! Getting your lashes tinted is easy, and the results are long-lasting: you'll have three to six weeks of dark, lush lashes that will tempt you to toss those messy mascara wands forever. Vegetable based containing lanolin, peanut oil and sunflower oil. $28
Brow Tint
brow tint
The eyebrows act as a frame for the most expressive part of our faces: the eyes. If your brows are too light or too dark, your eyes can become lost in your face. In no time at all, you can have brows that match your hair color or highlight your eyes. Does not contain tar or coal. Vegetable based containing lanolin, peanut oil and sunflower oil. $20
Lash & Brow Tint Combo $38
* natural results, available in auburn, medium brown, dark brown, black brown, deep black, blue black, and graphite for grey hair*
Collagen & Peptide Lip Treatment

full lips 8
This treatment is completely petroleum and paraben free. Petroleum is a gasoline derived chemical that appears in most lip products and can create a dependency that actually dries the lips over time. The rich Shea Butter content of Éminence lip treatments will heal the lips and help break the drying cycle of petroleum based lip products. This lip trio begins with a gentle citrus lip enzyme exfoliation topped with a plumping masque, infused with a powerful plumping serum and sealed in with the citrus lip balm. Say goodbye to flaked, cracked and parched lips! $25 add on only

Eco-fin masque (eco-friendly paraffin alternative)
Blended with ultra soothing, calming minerals, hydrating herbal extracts, nourishing oils and restorative vegetable butters. This therapeutic treatment is designed to seal in and enhance the benefits of anti aging treatment serums and creams applied under the mask. Helps to hydrate, nourish and smooth the skin. Helps to refine lines. Recommenced for most skin types except acne. This facial treatment is an instant "fix" for dehydrated and over stressed skin. Leaves your skin silky soft. $20(add on only)
Oxygen Treatment

Pure oxygen promotes skin health by increasing skin cell metabolism, alleviating inflammation, neutralizing free radicals, toning blood vessels, improving circulation &cell membrane function, and reducing bacteria levels. $35(add on only)

Frosted Globe Treatment
Cooled frosted globes are used in a rolling motion over the forehead, cheeks, neck and eye area massaging the facial muscles. This stimulates blood circulation and oxygenates the skin while flushing toxins. It also reduces  puffiness, redness, irritation and inflammation  from the skin while providing toning and pore-tightening properties. Perfect for Rosacea, inflamed and sensitive skin.
$20(add on only)


High Frequency Scalp Treatment
high frequency scalp wand
High frequency plays the role of a hair growth stimulation and reduces the risk of hair thinning. High frequency technology helps to revitalize scalp conditions which can aid in promoting healthier hair growth. Exposure to electrical energy helps disrupt enzymes that introduce dormancy to the hair follicle, breaks up sebum buildup and reduces bacteria on the scalp. It improves the process of nourishment, gently exfoliates the skin, promotes local blood circulation, stimulates local glandular activity, supplies warmth to the area which is soothing to the nervous system and significantly improves the scalp's receptiveness to hair growth formulas. $35(add on only)

Luminous Hand Treatment 
For those of you that want to target just the hands for aging skin, rough texture, sun damage, age spots. Includes organic sugar scrub, steam towels, corrective serum, LED treatment and hand creme.
(add-on)...$25...* 4-6 sessions are recommended*

Add-on Microderm to hands $25
 (added into a facial or LED treatment)