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Acne Treatments

High Frequency

High Frequency Treatment
high frequencyHigh frequency current is characterized by a high rate of oscillation. The primary action of this treatment is a reduction in pore size,  reduction in sebum (oil) production and reducing the occurrence of blackheads. The treatment can be for the entire face or focusing on spot treatments. Great for hormonal breakouts that pop up every so often. Results are noticeable within days of the treatment. It is not painful and there is no irritation or downtime.
(add on only) $25

LED Treatments

Acne LED (Blue) Light Therapy Treatments
 (45 minutes)
acne lightPhotopulsation technology (LED light therapy) to diminish the appearance  acne, acne scarring, redness and inflammation. Unlike laser treatments there is no irritation, pain or recovery time. Treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, acne serum, LED procedure, moisturizer & sunscreen.

About Acne
Acne is often exacerbated by the presence of bacteria, particularly  P.acnes (type of bacteria) which multiply in the sebaceous glands. The skin becomes inflamed when the body tries to fight these invaders. (Inflammation is something that is worth addressing/preventing since it can lead to acne scars).

Blue LED light therapy
It is often quite effective for acne  by reducing colonies of bacteria responsible for acne and by exerting anti-inflammatory effects on the skin.  

How it works

The L.E.D. penetrates into the dermis and slows sebaceous glands that create oils in the skin. LED works when the light is absorbed by the polyphorins which are produced by the bacterial cell bodies. This leads to the destruction of these organisms.
This treatment can help to prevent and control papules, pustules, and typical acne quite effectively. This treatment is not painful and there is no downtime, redness or peeling, in fact the skin is less red and inflamed post treatment.

Does it work on all acne
Yes but the results could vary. It does not address all the causes of acne such as non inflamed acne such as whiteheads and blackheads. Those tend to respond less effectively to the light and would benefit from facials,  peels or microdermabrasion as the main treatment.

How often
Multiple treatments are required. Typically patients will come in for one or two treatments a week for 3-4 weeks or until improvement is visible. At that point we gradually decrease the frequency of treatments. The treatment only takes about 45 minutes and does not leave any visible signs that you have had a treatment done, it all takes place beneath the skin.

An at home regime would also be recommended as needed.

It is always best to have a consultation before the treatment.

How much does it cost

  • single treatment.....$88

  • series of 6 ............$449 {savings of $141}

  ~ free full size Eminence acne serum with series ~

LED  Décolleté  Treatment (for chest acne)
For those of you that want to target the décolleté also.
Treatment includes cleanse, exfoliation, target treatment serum, LED procedure, moisturizer & sunscreen.
$30 add-on

before & after photos


*crystal-free & safe*

Microderm For a more corrective treatment focused on a results oriented treatment plan we offer mini-micro sessions. These sessions are intended to improve acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, sun-damage, fine lines, increased cell turnover, collagen stimulation and allow for better product penetration. Your skin will be cleansed with organic products followed with microdermabrasion, a treatment masque, corrective  serum and a moisturizer with sun protection.

* a series of 6 treatments are recommended*

Mini-Microderm Session
 (40 minutes)
Face $100
* Package of (6) $549 with a complimentary masque for home care*

Add-on Microderm Session
 (added into a facial or LED treatment)
Face  $75
Decolette  $65